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There are many tools that financial advisors can use to further prospect using LinkedIn. In this post, we will share some tips and tricks for using tools in conjunction with LinkedIn to give you an advantage in prospecting clients. We will take a look at The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) and WARN Notices.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) is a United States labor law which protects employees, their families, and communities by requiring most employers with 100 or more employees to provide 60 calendar-day advance notification of plant closings and mass layoffs of employees. Simply Google “Warn Act [YOUR STATE]” to see layoff and closing notifications in your area or entire state (or surrounding states). With the results, you will be able to see how many employees will be effected by any mass layoff or company closing.

Remember, all of these employees are soon to be faced with questions about their financial future, 401(k) rollover options and more. But what does this have to do with social media you may ask? Everything. Social media now becomes your introduction to anyone you may want to connect with as a result of your search of the WARN Notices on the WARN Act website. For example, if you see that company XYZ is set to lay off 200 employees in the next 60 days, you can then search for company XYZ on LinkedIn. You will immediately see the employees that work there and more importantly you will see who they are and what positions they hold. You don’t want to reach out to just anyone, look for those with positions in HR or who are at a VP level. If you share a mutual connection with any of them, that’s even better!

Let’s say, for example, that Sara Smith works in HR at the XYZ company, a company that is set to lay off 200 employees within the next 60 days. When you look at Sara’s profile on LinkedIn you notice that your friend, Joe, from college is also connected with Sara. Here is your opportunity to connect. You could reach out to Sara directly or you could ask Joe to introduce you to Sara. Ask Joe how well he knows Sara and if he’d be willing to introduce you. Being introduced by a mutual connection has been shown to have a greater impact in solidifying a new connection.

Once you connect with Sara you can let her know that you are a financial advisor and that you could possibly help ease the transition of some of the employees at Company XYZ who will be affected by the layoff. You can then discuss how you would proceed in possibly meeting with the employees.

In using various tools like the WARN Notices in conjunction with LinkedIn, you can begin to target key people to whom you would like to be introduced whether through a mutual connection or simply reaching out on your own. It allows you to find people and companies you would have never even had the chance to meet or be introduced to without social media. Social media is an amazing tool and community. People want to meet and make connections. Don’t be shy!

It is important to remember to make meaningful connections on LinkedIn, especially when starting out. Start with people you already know then target people you want to meet. Don’t connect with just anyone to start. How can you ask a mutual connection to introduce you to a new prospect when you don’t even know them well enough to ask? If you need to delete some connections who are cluttering your list, go ahead, they won’t know you deleted them.

If you are not signed up on LinkedIn, sign up today at, just be sure to remain compliant with your firm’s policies regarding social media and advertising.

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