About Premier Services

Premier Wealth Management® Premier Services are available to you to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. There are three categories of services that you can explore below: Efficiency Enhancements, Marketing & Growth Programs, and Pricing Advantages.


1. Efficiency Enhancements

To help keep your office running smoothly and efficiently we offer the following services. Click the icons below for more information on that service.

Transition/Onboarding Support

We have a team of dedicated professionals that have created low cost model portfolios you can offer to your clients. Click for more information.

Problem Resolution

Our advisors have access to The Premier Problem Resolution and Escalation Resource Team. Click for more information.

Para-planning Services

We function as your back office by inputting the data, running the various scenarios and preparing the plan for you to deliver to your client. Click for more information.

Compliance Support and Resources

We offer comprehensive OSJ services. This feature provides three key benefits for advisors. Click for more information.

Virtual Admin

You have the opportunity to leverage a virtual admin who is trained and staffed within our organization. Click for more information.

Vacation Support

Our vacation support will provide back office support to handle any emergency, urgent request or problem that arises from your clients. Click for more information.

2. Growth & Marketing Programs

To help grow your practice we offer the following services. Click the icons below for more information on that service.

Premier Network of Financial Advisors®

We have created the Premier Network of Financial Advisors®, a client-facing website and resource that assists your clients and prospects in understanding how you fit into a larger network of industry professionals. Click for more information.

Social Media Consultation

Premier Wealth Management® offers a social media marketing consultation, training and setup service to our advisors. Click for more information.

Growing a Practice by Mining a Database

At Premier Wealth Management® we will engage in a consultation with the rep in an effort to analyze their book of business paying particular attention to five broad categories. Click for more information.

Coaching/Mentoring/Best Practices

With a combined 70 years of experience among our leadership team, we are well experienced in coaching our advisors to help them grow their practices. Click for more information.

Website Consultation & Builds

At Premier Wealth Management® we offer a complete individualized and unique web designing experience for our advisors. Click for more information.

Professional Partners

Premier Wealth Management®’s alliance of advisors provides our branch with a network of professionals, including CPAs and attorneys that have a proven track record of assisting clients with difficult tax and legal issues. Click for more information.


3. Pricing Advantages

As part of our branch you receive certain pricing advantages. Click the icons below for more information on what’s available to you.

Technology Discounts

We know how crucial technology is to our industry. As a part of our branch, you automatically receive the benefit of any software discount that Cambridge can negotiate. In addition, our reps receive special branch discounts that result in even lower prices. Click for more information.


RPAG (Retirement Plan Advisory Group) is a comprehensive retirement planning software we offer to all of our ad­visors. The RPAG system is state of the art for anyone working in the retirement planning space but its cost is often pro­hibitive to the average advisor. We have purchased this software for branch use. Click for more information.

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