Practice Management

A great source of pride to us has been our ability to help our representatives focus their practice and concentrate on doing a few things well with good results – rather than doing a lot of things in a so-so manner with only mixed or poor results.


We provide ongoing education and training through our annual business meeting, monthly conference calls, as well as through the e-mails and directives that we periodically send to our representatives. We continually talk with you about compliance and regulatory issues, economic outlook, industry trends, best practice and your personal and professional development.  We encourage active discussion so you can raise issues or concerns you face in order to resolve them together.

New Directions

Over time, we have been very successful in assisting financial professionals like you consider new products, services and business models. The net result is typically a more comprehensive offering to clients and increased practice revenue for you. We believe your greatest value is your expertise and time – we want to serve as your problem solver so you can devote your attention to growing your practice and managing your client relationships.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

We host a voluntary monthly conference call that is open and available to all of our representatives and their administrative staff. We discuss compliance issues, current hot topics in the financial services industry, products, sales ideas, and various methodologies and techniques to help our representatives with their practice management. This is also an opportunity for our representatives to share issues or concerns. We regularly invite key people from the Cambridge Home Office to speak on their particular area of specialization and how it may help the representatives in the operation of their own practices.  In addition to our monthly calls, we also offer a series of voluntary calls featuring speakers from various providers and services that focus specifically on what their company has to offer.

Virtual Assistant Program

At Premier Wealth Management® we know how important it is to have the right staff in place. We also know hiring staff is a commitment and can be expensive. There are times when advisors are growing and need additional staff but don’t quite have the demand yet for full-time support. Our virtual assistant program creates a staffing bridge for any advisor. You now have the opportunity to leverage a virtual assistant who is trained and staffed within our organization thus saving you time. You can utilize our virtual assistant for either a specific project such as an upcoming seminar, or on a recurring basis for hourly services such as paperwork preparation and scheduling appointments. In either scenario our office handles the human resource management. The cost structure for our virtual assistant service is significantly less than hiring a full-time assistant or contractor that doesn’t know the business and needs substantial training.

Develop Your Practice