I transferred over from a large firm in 2009, as I saw being an independent financial advisor was the best choice for my family and my clients. Premier Wealth Management® was with me every step of the way. They answered all of my concerns prior to the transfer and any questions that came up along the way. The transfer process was seamless, and with their help, my practice was up and running in two weeks. Today, I still enjoy shooting business ideas past Bob or Traci and appreciate the optional monthly conference calls and knowledge based conference calls throughout the year. Also, compliance is always something that I’m concerned about being on top of in this ever-changing environment. I know that I can call Traci when I’ve got a compliance question, and if she doesn’t know the answer she will make some calls and get back to me. This is very satisfying for me.

I also appreciate that Premier Wealth Management® has built a culture with its Rep/Advisors and throughout the branch. This is a culture that is true to my way of running a business. I know that when I’m at our branch conference, the majority of the room is made up of Rep/Advisors just like me. We may have different ideas on ways to run a business, but the culture of doing right by the client is there. For me, I feel I could not have made a better choice than Cambridge and Premier Wealth Management®.

Andy Nollman

I am a representative who had run an OSJ office for close to 15 years, including a number of years at Cambridge as an OSJ Supervisor. That said, one might think that I would not have an interest in affiliating with a larger office and giving up the “freedom” of running my own office. For me, that freedom was actually a noose that kept me constantly tethered to my office. My affiliation with Premier Wealth Management® has given me the actual freedom I had been looking to have for years. They have become my backup of last resort and I am more than willing to make the small sacrifice for that wonderful benefit. They are also a great source of information and support as to what is happening within the industry and Cambridge.

Ray Kelley

Transitioning is never an easy proposition, but Cambridge Investment Research, Inc./Premier Wealth Management® made my transition from salaried employee to business owner seamless. In 2004 when I approached Cambridge, I had not built a client base, and I shared candidly that I would not take clients from the firm where I worked as a ‘key employee’. Of all the brokerage firms that I approached, Cambridge/Premier Wealth Management® were the only ones that emphasized that there would be no pressure for commissions and that they would honor the principles I upheld. In fact, Bob and Traci have been very supportive and willing to help me fulfill my mission and vision, by doing it right. I love working with Bob, Traci, and the team at Premier Wealth Management® because they always stand ready to help, but the emphasis is clearly on ‘doing it right!’ Another major advantage is the human and intellectual capital at the branch. We have many seasoned Advisors that have experience in a variety of areas and who provide advice and assistance without reserve. Their unstinting support, over the years, to my work and firm’s mission has been outstanding, and I continue to be grateful to them.

Anneliese D'Souza

The Kelly Group joined Premier Wealth Management® in 2004 after dealing with Cambridge on a direct basis. Since that time, we have seen our firm grow significantly. Bob, Traci, and their team have been an integral part of our business, allowing us great confidence to focus on what we do best while they attend to our compliance and regulatory oversight. We see them as a natural extension of our firm and believe they have added value over and above simply being a typical OSJ Supervisor. With annual conferences and ongoing practice management insight, they have certainly assisted us in taking our business to the next level. In today’s ever-changing and evolving compliance world, we are glad to have our own “trusted advisor” in them.

Bryan Kelly

Premier Wealth Management® has been instrumental in helping me rebuild my practice. Although I was in the business for over 10 years when I joined Cambridge, I was starting from scratch. I was looking for the right type of support to launch my new practice and Premier Wealth Management® has been the perfect fit. They have provided the necessary guidance, direction, and support, in the right amounts and at the right time. It’s very fair to say that my success to date is directly contributable to my involvement with Premier Wealth Management® I would highly recommend their branch to any advisor considering a change.

Bill Reiner

I started in the business in 1987 with a large life insurance company career agency. In 2008, I chose to move to an independent Broker/Dealer because I felt that was the only way that I could truly provide independent, objective advice and guidance to my clients. After conducting a significant amount of research and due diligence, I chose Cambridge because of their fine reputation in the industry, their true commitment to fostering and supporting an environment for building a successful independent practice, and their competitive payout structure. I also chose to work through Premier Wealth Management® rather than work directly with Cambridge.

In the last three years, I have made significant advances in my practice in terms of technology and systems support, all of which have been made available and supported by Cambridge and Premier Wealth Management®. I have a fine network of other independent practitioners in place through Premier Wealth Management® that has proven to be a valuable resource. In addition, Cambridge and Premier Wealth Management® provide the compliance support that is so important in today’s environment and the freedom to use the independent insurance and investment product outlets that best meet my needs.

I believe that moving to Cambridge and Premier Wealth Management® was the best choice for me. Bob and Traci have both been true advocates for me. They have earned my trust, confidence, and respect. I appreciate everything they have done for me. I look forward to a long, successful relationship with them and I highly recommend them.

Steve McGinn

There are many reasons why I work through Cambridge and Premier Wealth Management®. I appreciate the fact that Cambridge is not owned by, or the subsidiary of, a bank or insurance company. When I met Bob, I felt that he had a clear vision of the direction our industry was and is heading in the future. Bob is a seasoned professional that understands the day-to-day challenges of advisors from compliance to customer service, and he gives me the freedom to be in business for myself, but not by myself. Through Premier Wealth Management® and Cambridge, I have the ability to “practice” my specialty while expanding my knowledge of the financial services business and have access to professionals (i.e., CPAs, MBAs, CFP®s, etc.) both within and outside the branch.

Randy Miles

As I planned to move into my own practice, where I started from scratch with no clients, I did a significant amount of research of both RIA and Broker/Dealer business models. Once I determined that the Broker/Dealer model was best for me, the choice to select Cambridge was easy and it stemmed largely from the meetings that I had with Bob and Traci. They provided input that was helpful to my business plan as I planned my move from the Vanguard Group, where I was a senior manager of a retirement planning team. Coordinating meetings with several experienced Rep/Advisors provided me with insights that I would not have otherwise had. After my transition was complete, Bob and Traci coordinated a very valuable training program for me and other new advisors to become familiar with all aspects of practice management and operations. Finally, the ability to interact with the branch’s advisors through monthly conference calls and the annual meetings continues to reinforce that I made the right decision.

Jim Heisler

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