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There is no end to our services. You are a client forever and we are here to assist you with every change and transition in your life.


Investment & Insurance Strategies

For some, this can be very confusing and intimidating. For others, you may be experienced and or VERY experienced. At Premier Wealth Management®, we meet you exactly where you are. If you have a 401k that you need to rollover, a new baby that you want to make college plans for, or maybe an extra $50 a week that you’d like to begin investing with, we can help you. Perhaps you have a multi-million dollar portfolio that you’d like some advice on or management services, you can trust us that we have extensive experience to assist as well. Like we said…..we meet you where you are.


Financial Planning

Ahhh, the meat and potatoes of personal finance. We, here at Premier Wealth Management®, LOVE to work with clients on financial planning. Do you have a will? Does someone know where your safe deposit box key is? Do you have a Power of Attorney? What about a medical Power of Attorney?  Building a financial plan with you and for you is one of our specialties.  For some, financial planning can be comprehensive.  For others, it might be more specifically focused.  We gear our plans around you.

Financial Coaching

Baseball needs a coach. Golf needs a coach. Even professional Chess players need a coach. Your finances are no different. We will serve as your professional financial coach. We can see your potential and we will coach you to get there. Our team will coach you on what to do with that $100,000 inheritance your grandmother left you. Or that tornado that destroyed your home. We are here for the highs and the lows. We will coach you through all of it!

Behavioral Finance

Our specialty is to help our clients discover what may be shaping, guiding, or influencing their decision making and relationship around money and risk.

The “Discovering You” series is designed to go deeper and get to the root of what is important to you while also revealing sub-conscious traits and habits that may impact the outcome of achieving your goals.

The goal is to help you reduce possible uncertainty stresses and be more confident with the direction of your financial future.

Employer Retirement Plans

Premier enjoys assisting Small Business Owners through the implementation of employer retirement plans.  We help business owners recruit and retain employees by offering attractive plan design, while keeping them up to date on regulatory changes and new opportunities. In addition to serving as advisor to the plan, we can function as the financial advisor to each employee at your firm, providing education and helping them with all aspects of their finances as their needs change. Our experience can help employers and employees save more for retirement, focus on their financial wellness, and build wealth.

About Our Broker-Dealer

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over 20 years!

Serving our clients since 1999! Our purpose is to create solutions that meet the needs, goals, and values of our clients.

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